Graphene, a "Nobel Prize" Material

Graphene is the first two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial discovered. It has excellent properties such as ultra-thin, transparent, flexible, high hardness, ultra-thin conductivity and thermal conductivity, and is considered a revolutionary material.

Mastering the New Generation of Core Heating Technology

With the core patent technology of the industry, Graphene transparent heating film, GNM has become a full industrial chain enterprise of Graphene with more than 10 subsidiaries and industry university research centers in China.

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    Breakthrough from 0 to 1
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Application Scenario

The patented technology of Graphene heating film of GNM has opened a way for the application and industrialization of Graphene, laid a foundation, and is also a milestone in China's Graphene industry.

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  • Graphene Medical

    Breakthrough from 0 to 1

Graphene Medical, Breakthrough from “0 to 1”

Founder of research projects in the medical field of graphene

Cooperated with more than 20 medical research institutions

Currently, nearly 40 industry medical research projects have been conducted, and nearly 20 domestic and foreign journals have been published

With nearly 50 industry and medical experts


“To realize large-scale application of graphene as soon as possible is essential for China to lead in the graphene industry across the globe."

Feng Guanping

Founder of the Graphene Industry in China

Founding Dean of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of GNM Group



“The far-infrared light wave released by graphene heating film is very close to the one that the human body itself emits. It can effectively activate the nucleic acid, protein and other biological macromolecules of human cells, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and improve health."


Professor of Tsinghua University




"Graphene has excellent physical properties such as electrical conductivity, transmittance, flexibility and electro-optical stability. In the future, you will see graphene playing a more critical role in smart wear and electronics with the growth of technology."

Ji Hengxing

Professor, university of science and technology of China



Patent Holder of Pure Graphene Heating Film

The pure Graphene heating film won the 21st "China Patent Excellence Award" of the China National Intellectual Property Administration

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Outstanding Contribution Award of Graphene Industry

Shenzhen Top 70 Innovative Enterprises

Future Healthcare Top 100

GNM China and Global Layout


  • 1、What is Graphene?

    Graphene is an allotrope of carbon in the form of a plane of sp2-bonded atoms with a molecular bond length of 0.142 nanometres. It is one of the lightest, thinest and hardest nano material in the world. Ultra-electrical conductivity, ultra-thermal conductivity, almost completely transparent, all these excellent properties makes graphene the king material in the 21st century.


  • 2、Are they all the real graphene on the market? How to distinguish the real graphene?

    According to the graphene industry standard released by CGIA, graphene is isolated out of graphite  material that is composed of less than 10 layers of 2D stacking thinckness. In simple terms, the less layers, the better properties, and it requires a more sophisticated technics. The graphene that GNM produces is 1-2 layers.


  • 3、What is the medical principle of graphene far-infrared?

    Graphene heating film emits the same wavelength far-infrared at 6-14μm when it heated up. When the two waves are at same wavelength rage, they can generate a bio-molecular resonance, which can effectively improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, strengthen immunity and boost cure rate.


  • 4、Is there any clinical support of GNM's graphene technology and medical products?

    GNM has established Graphene Medical Research Center, The Academy of Future Products, and built a in-depth cooperation with many universities, hospitals and scientific research institutions such as Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, Nanjing Medical University, The Fourth Military Medical University, Air Force Medical University, Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital etc,. There are more nearly 20 clinical experiments have been completed, and several medical papers have been published in domestic and foreign authoritative magazines.


  • 5、What makes graphene far-infrared can be absorbed by human body more easily?        

    The performance of bio-molecular resonance effects depends on how close the two far-infrared wavelength rage be. Graphene far-infrared wavelength rage is almost the same as the human body, which makes it more easily to generate resonance effects and to transfer the energy to the human body.


  • 6、What's the relations between GNM & Tsinghua University?

    The founder of GNM, professor Guanping Feng is PhD supervisor of Tsinghua University. He had also served as the director of science and technology administration of Tsinghua University, assistant to the president of Tsinghua University and the president of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen. GNM has built close technical cooperation with the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen. Xinyue Feng, the general manager of GNM, as well as many other core leaders from GNM are all graduated from Tsinghua University. GNM follows the spirits of Tsinghua University, integrating it to the corporate culture, achieving an innovative improvement.